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Buying Dante's Monarchia
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Runs on any recent Windows or Macintosh computer with DVD-ROM drive. See Monarchia Sales for further ordering information.

The Monarchia was published by Scholarly Digital Editions on 3 May, 2006; individual license ISBN 1-904628-08-7; institutional license ISBN 1-904628-09-5. The institutional licence permits you to mount this publication on a single networked installation with no more than twenty computers attached, and lend this CD-ROM to members of the institution, who may project images from it for instructional use. Internet subscription licenses (ISBN 1-904628-10-9) will be available from February 2008.

It is available on DVD-ROM for Macintosh and Windows PCs. You need a recent internet browser; all other software is provided on the DVD-ROM. A PC 486 or later with Windows 95 or later, with 128MB of RAM and CD-ROM drive/or a Macintosh running OSX with 128 MB of RAM is recommended.

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