Anastasia: Fixes of MacOS X 10.5 and 10.6 (Leopard)

Along with many, many applications: Leopard broke Anastasia. We waited a few months for the dust to settle, but here are recompiled versions for Leopard. There is a bonus: Anastasia runs like lightning under Leopard, with the Intel processor, especially if you choose the 'native Leopard' version below. Note that these recompiled versions may work in 10.4 (we don't guarantee it) but will not work in 10.3 or earlier.

There are several things you need (you will need to unzip all files after download -- this should happen automatically):

Once you have downloaded and unpacked these: double click on the AnastasiaCD application icon in the Anastasia folder to run the program (or: if AnastasiaCD is running, choose "Restart Server" from the Anastasia menu).

A side effect of the shift to Leopard is that the operating system (like other Unix systems, but historically unlike the Macintosh) is sometimes case sensitive as to file names. This affects the Anastasia "Miller" book. You need to change the name of the folder "Miller" to "miller": that's it.

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