Internet Licenses for The Parliament Rolls of Medieval England

The license

An internet institutional license for The Parliament Rolls of Medieval England gives all students, staff, and associates of the institution unlimited online access to the publication, subject only to the usual copyright restrictions. You can read about the license both from us and from special resources designed to provide useful information, also to be able to get it, buy a personal statement online at and don't worry about detail. There are no limits to the number of individuals who may use the publication at any one time.

Access is controlled by IP address or by user name/password. Site licences may be bought by institutions. Individual licenses are available here.

This license is governed by the terms and conditions set out in the terms and conditions document on this site. By purchasing this license, you indicate that you have read and accept those terms and conditions. Also on this site you can find an explanation of our pricing structure and license system.

License fees

Our pricing schedule is based on the following classification. You may either purchase an annual subscription ("annual license") or buy an internet licence outright ("perpetual license"). If you buy the perpetual license we will provide you with a CD-ROM and you may mount the publication on your own server, using software provided by us. Or, you may access the publication on our server by paying an annual maintenance fee; this will give you access to the identical server and data as if you had bought an annual license.

  Annual License Perpetual license + annual maintenance fee
Large Institutions £250 £1000 + £80
Medium Institutions £200 £800 + £60
Small Institutions £150 £600 + £40
Very Small Institutions £100 £400 + £30

VAT at 17.5% should be added to these sums for EU purchasers. Institutions buying as members of consortium are eligible for discounts. Thus: consortia of 5-9 institutions: each member pays 15% less; 10-14 institutions: 20%; 15 or more institutions: 25%. Discounts for consortia are taken off the rate for "Large" institutions. The consortium agreement must be negotiated and administered by a single contact.

Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time. No refunds will be issued for any unused subscription. Subscription and maintenance licenses will run for twelve months from the date of purchase and will be renewable annually at the current rate.

If you purchase a perpetual license but choose to mount and maintain the data on your own server you will not need to pay the annual maintenance fee. However, you will have to install and maintain the Anastasia software used by the publication. This software is open source, and is available in binaries (Macintosh and Windows platforms) or as compilable source at You will also have to implement and maintain a secure access control system.

Classification of institutions: USA

For the USA, we use the widely-recognized Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education developed by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. You can find the definitions and the classification for each institution at . Following the model of the Middle English Compendium, we include Full-Time Equivalent enrollment as an added measure to ensure that comparable institutions are classified as such.

Large Institutions Research Universities (very high research activity)
Medium Institutions Research Universities (high research activity) or Master's Colleges and Universities (larger programs) with FTE enrollments above 2,500
Small Institutions Doctoral/Research Universities, or Master's Colleges and Universities (medium programs) with FTE enrollments between 1000 and 2,500; Baccalaureate Colleges with FTE enrollments above 1,000
Very Small Institutions Doctoral/Research Universities, Master's Colleges and Universities (medium programs), or Baccalaureate Colleges with FTE enrollments below 1000; centers for advanced study and foundation libraries

Classification of institutions: UK

For the UK, we use the JISC banding scheme, developed as the basis for all subscription fees for the electronic resources in the JISC Collections. You can find the scheme and the classification for each institution at

Large Institutions Bands A, B
Medium Institutions Bands C, D, E
Small Institutions Bands F, G, H
Very Small Institutions Bands I, J

Classification of institutions: outside the UK and US

Institutions outside the UK and US may determine for themselves whether they are 'large', 'medium', 'small' or 'very small', using these classifications as a guide. If we do not agree with your self-classification, we will contact you before activating the subscription.

Access; user logs

Access may be by single IP address (as through a proxy server), by range/ranges of IP addresses, or by user name/password. If we come to believe that the access through an institution is being abused (for example, the single address actually covers multiple institutions) we will suspend the subscription. Upon subscription, we will provide the institutional contact with the internet address and details of a system for logging access by users at the institution. Licenses will be activated within 24 hours of a confirmed purchase.

Relationship to CD-ROM version; updates

The internet version will be regularly updated with editorial corrections. Also, we are discussing with The National Archives the addition of further materials from their collections on this site. Watch this space!

By definition, internet access will always be to the latest version. We will issue periodic CD-ROM updates to perpetual license purchasers.

Responsibilities of SDE and individual licensees

SDE will attempt to maintain the site so that access is available at all times, on all days, with reasonable access speeds. SDE will also update the site according to the wishes of the editors.

Institutional licensees will make their best efforts to ensure that only eligible individuals in the institution may access the publication, and that the publication is used in accordance with copyright and other legal restrictions.

Buying the internet license

This license is governed by the terms and conditions set out in the terms and conditions document on this site. By purchasing this license, you indicate that you have read and accept those terms and conditions.

  • Fill out the following form, print it out and fax it to Scholarly Digital Editions on +44 (0) 121 275 6212, or post it to Scholarly Digital Editions Sales, 12/54a Spencer St, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham B18 6JT, UK (If you are sending a fax from outside the UK: prefix this with the international code -- 011 for the US -- and omit the first "0". Thus, from the US, you need to dial 011 44 121 275 6212)


  • Email the information to . (Warning! you may not want to trust credit card information to the internet)

Order form

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Classification source (Carnegie/JISC/self)  
Price: Annual License
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      (+Ann. maint. fee
Contact name  
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Postcode:   Country:  
IP Address(es) or Range(s):
OR User name  
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VAT at 17.5% should be added to these prices for EU purchasers.

If the technical contact is different, please give this information:

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For consortium agreements, or if you wish to pay by some other means (cheque on UK bank account, or international money transfer), .

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