This is the family website for the children of Jim and Maxine Robinson, of Moombril, Holbrook, Australia: Sue, Jacky, Peter, Richard and Nina. If you use these sites - as auxiliary resources in creating a project or in work, is an essay outline writing service will help you with the design of both the work and thoughts.

Here you will find pages about our ancestors through Jim and Maxine: the Robinsons and the Boydells. Here too are pages about our life at Moombril, about ourselves and our own families, and especially about the catastrophic bushfire of 1952, which burnt out the whole property and changed our lives. There is also a page of links to other sites, on related subjects.

This website began life as a personal site for Peter, and many of the pages were written by Peter, for that purpose. This site is primarily intended only for our family and closest friends. If you are not one of these, the links at the top will take you to pages telling you (very probably) more than you want to know about our family. If indeed you do not want to know all this, follow the advice of our master Chaucer: turn over the leaf and find another site.

We might have kept this a private site, available only to ourselves. However, some of the people discussed in this site are important figures in the own right, in the earlier history of Australia. Some of what we recall on this site tells of an Australia which, even in our lifetime, has passed away, while Sue's account of the 1952 bushfire would be valuable to anyone interested in the perils of Australian rural life of the period. Beyond our family, too, we have many relatives -- scores, perhaps hundreds -- in Australia with whom we share ancestors. So if you are interested, here is what you will find on these pages:

  • The Boydells: about our ancestors through our mother, extending back to 1066 and even earlier.
  • Our Mother: actually, the eulogy Peter gave at her funeral in 2002
  • Our Father and his Family: well, that says it all.
  • Moombril and the Fire: Sue's recollections of "Moombril", where we grew up, and the Australia Day bushfire of 1952.
  • Peter's Page: about Peter, more about Moombril, and his contributions to the colonization of the globe by the descendants of John Boydell, DD.
  • Links: gathering various links to other sites related to this site.

There are also lots of photos of Peter's family and others on Picasa. There is one album for the family, and another with many photos of Peter' eldest daughter Marina's amazing fusion wedding. If you missed her wedding: there is a chance to make up for this at Peter's second daughter Emma's wedding in 2008.