Since 1996, the Canterbury Tales Project has been producing editions of individual tales, as well as individual manuscript facsimiles. The Project also produced two volumes of articles, the Occasional Papers volumes I and II. Online versions of these articles which can be found here.

During the first years of the Project, Cambridge University Press published The Wife of Bath's Prologue on CD-ROM (1996) and The General Prologue on CD-ROM (2000)

In the year 2000, a change of policy at CUP made it necessary to change publishers. In that year, Scholarly Digital Editions was born. Our current publications can be found on their website.

SDE has published The Hengwrt Chaucer Digital Facsimile, research edition (2000) and standard edition (2003), Caxton's Canterbury Tales: The British Library Copies (2003), The Miller's Tale on CD-ROM, and The Nun's Priest's Tale on CD-ROM (2006). We are currently working on A Digital Fascimile of Cambridge Dd.4.24 and The Franklin's Tale on CD-ROM (Fall 2006); The Merchant's Tale on CD-ROM (Late Fall 2006); The Multitext Edition of the Canterbury Tales (Winter 2006-2007)