About me

Ok, so here goes the personal bit... I am not sure what one should discuss here. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I don't have much of a life. Or perhaps, I have a life but I don't care to share it with everyone online. I guess that you can get a good glimpse of what I'm about by looking at my blogs.

You already know my name, so there is no much point on repeating it here. My interests are all over this site also. Here is something new: I like blue and violet and would love to live in New York City again. One day I hope to direct my own film.

I was born in Argentina and my parents moved back there a few years ago, just in time to catch the worse part of the economic crisis. It was an interesting time. They are both artists --you can see here dos Santos' paintings in all their internet glory. But I have lived all over the place: Caracas, Paris, Boston New York... Now I live in Birmingham with two lovely cats. They are bengals or flying, swimming cats. Their names are Madison and Bronxino. Here is a picture:

I think that they are gorgeous... Don't you agree? If you were to meet them, you'll love them instantly. They can be adorable when they want to or they can meow loudly at 5:00am or bite your toes when you are still asleep.

I must say, I am so sad that my friend Mindy does not come to visit this site. But I take comfort in repeating to myself that one day she will read my stuff and that she will approve of it.