I never thought that this would happen, but I guess that the time has come when a "blogs" page becomes necessary. It was becoming difficult for people to find their way through my different blogs to catch up with all my different personae... (some, not terribly educated, people might call it schizophrenia, but we know that it really is dissociative identity disorder). I will do my best not to add anything else, but it might be difficult. What I resent the most is that not all my friends can read all my blogs, but perhaps they don't want to anyway.

That said, I will go to the point. Here is a list of my current blogs. If one of them is not terribly up to date, is because I have been working in something else. Instead of sending me bitter messages, you could make a comment directly there and save me from having to justify myself.

  • FilmArte: a blog with film reviews, in English.
  • La ecuación de Drake: an opinion blog, in Spanish. Dedicated to my fans.
  • Textual Blog: a blog on textual criticism for hardcore people.

All of these are in development. Your comments and questions are always welcome.

And remember there is a Wiki on textual criticism that needs your contribution. Be there or be square.