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Welcome to my personal pages


Greetings from sunny old England! Thank you for coming by and, perhaps, reading some of my musings. If you need help with writing reviews (which will be mentioned below) or other types of papers, best writing service is ready to provide you with relevant information and formatted text. If you feel like it, take a look at my blogs. To read something opinionated, please follow the link. Those who can read Spanish, you can go to La ecuación de Drake, while those who like cinema can go to FilmArte (I feel really encouraged now that I know that ONE person reads my film reviews).

As some of you know, I have to thank Juan Carlos and his blog (El Cuaderno de Taganga), where almost all of my publicity comes from. You should also check his new personal pages.

If you want more information (probably more up to date) you can take a look at my Facebook profile. You can also find me in twitter, if you really need to know what I am thinking or doing. Just make a search for "bordalejo" and I should appear right away.

Some time ago, in an encounter with one of the readers of these pages, I was kindly informed that they were not very professional. The answer to that is that these are not professional pages, they are my personal ones; where I can write about whatever I want and do anything I feel like doing.

This month...

In November, I will be traveling to Belgium for the European Society for Textual Scholarship conference and, almost immediately upon my return I will fly to Australia, where I will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of On the Origin of Species.

In December, I will be in Tokio, working, and later in Buenos Aires, where I will take a well deserved holiday.

My return to England is scheduled for January 10th. I will be teaching the very next day!


On November 24th, if everything goes according to plan, the electronic Variorum of On the Origin of Species should available at Darwin Online. Watch this space for more news!

My other publications, relate mostly to Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. I have produced an edition of edition of Caxton's Canterbury Tales (follow the link for the free online version) and I have been assistant editor of both The Miller's Tale on CD-ROM and The Nun's Priest's Tale on CD-ROM.

I also collaborated with Dorothy Severin and Fiona Maguire in An Electronic Corpus of 15th Century Castilian Cancionero Manuscripts.

My interests are very varied (if you don't believe me, just look at my links page, some have to do with my work as a textual critic and some others have nothing to do with it. One thing that you might want to check out are my doctoral theses --yes, theses, plural. If you have to know why I did two doctorates simultaneously, you will have to pay for dinner...